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Article: UNAMID ODO Victim Assistance Project

On 8 July 2019, UNAMID Ordnance Disposal Office (ODO), through implementing partner National Units for Mine Action and Development (NUMAD), provided the families of five survivors in North Darfur the necessary materials to begin livelihood projects. The livelihood projects aim to improve the living standards of the explosive remnants of war (ERW) survivors.


The five survivors, including two girls, were identified through the State Council for Disability and the Union of the Disabled People in North Darfur. Two of the survivors chose the option of sheep breeding while the remaining three chose to establish small grocery stores. NUMAD will assist the survivors by providing training and technical support to ensure that the projects will succeed.


In his remarks, Mr. Colin Williams, Deputy Programme Manager of UNAMID ODO, said that the assistance provided by UNAMID ODO to the survivors will improve their lives and livelihoods. He emphasized that while the assistance may not be enough, he hoped that it would contribute to the family meeting basic needs such as food, clothing, education and medication. He thanked the Government counterpart, National Ordnance Disposal Office or NODO, for their continuing cooperation in provided care for ERW survivors in Darfur.


The uncle of Mihrab Ahmed Hamid, a four-year old girl who lost two of her brothers during the accident that injured her face, thanked UNAMID ODO for implementing such a project. He committed to making their project of breeding sheep succeed as he is unsure if they will receive such support in the future.  


This UNAMID ODO victim assistance project will reach 25 families in the five states of Darfur. It is aimed at improving the living standards of ERW survivors. It is implemented in coordination and collaboration with the NODO and the State Disability Council.