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Awake at Night with Melissa Fleming. S3 Episode 25: Clearing Mines for 30 Years - Paul Heslop, Head of Mission, UNMAS Afghanistan

Martin Barber, Former Director of UNMAS, on why UN mine action work has been successful

Paul Heslop, Chief of UNMAS Programme Management Section, on 25 years of mine action history


UNMAS Director's interview to AFNU on the occasion of the Int’l Mine Awareness Day 2020 (in French)

In an interview with UN News’s Daniel Johnson, mine clearance experts explain how a world without landmines is possible

UNMAS press conference at UNOG on environment and mine action
Giles Duley, CEO of Legacy of War Foundation and Photographer, speaks at the #NDM-UN22 opening ceremony

Aya Abdullah, former refugee and UNHCR Global Youth Ambassador, speaks at the #NDM-UN23 opening ceremony
UNMAS press conference at UNOG on UN mine action activities