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Explosive Hazard Disposed in Cote d’Ivoire

UNMAS in Cote d’Ivoire provides technical expertise on the handling and storage of weapons and ammunition to national authorities. This programme is in support of the UN peacekeeping operation (UNOCI) disarmament, demobilization and reintegration or DDR mandate. Since 2011, 12,195 weapons, 90,521 items of ammunition and 292,787 items of small arms ammunition have been processed.
In December 2013, UNMAS working with its implementing partner HALO Trust disposed of 4.5 tons of ammunition during a 3-day operation, bringing the total amount of destroyed ammunition to 70,511 kilograms. The unserviceable ammunition destroyed during the operation included three tons of high explosive ammunition, including high explosive grenades, rifle grenades, propelled grenades, mortars, rockets and projectiles. Five 250 kilogram aircraft bombs were used as demolition charge.